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Chairman Chris Gilbert-Norton

New Forest Aviation Group - Previous talks  

  14Jun24 - 'NATS' by Andrew Burke

 10May24 - 'DC10 Crash in Antarctica' by Dr James Mason  

 12Apr24 - 'The Wooden Wonder - Development of the de Havilland Mosquito' by Rod Dean

 08Mar24 - 'RAF Bomber Commarnd', by Jeremy Prescott

 09Feb24 - 'Grandma flew Spitfires - the ATA', by John Webster

 12Jan24 - 'Characters, Courage & Calamities Story of SOE', by Peter Power

 10Nov23 - ‘The Story of Fairey Aviation’ by David Livermore

 13Oct23 - ‘German Rockets & Jet Genius 1933 - 1945’ by Steve Alcock

 08Sep23 - ‘An MOD Cameraman at Boscombe Down 1958–1990’ by Robbie Forrester Addie

 14Jul23 - ‘RAF Beaulieu’ by Marc Heighway

 09Jun23 - ‘UK Air Defence - Radar and tactics since 1940’ by Joe Marsden

 12May23 -‘The Spitfire Makers’ by Alan Matlock

 14Apr23 -‘Vic's Flying Boat War’ by Richard Hodgkinson

 10Mar23 -'The Royal Air Force' by Flt Lt Ben Goodlad RAF  

 10Feb23 -‘Surveillance In Air Traffic Control: Ground, Air & Space’ by Philip Benstead

  13Jan23  -‘Homebuilt History-110 years of amateur built aircraft’by Malcolm Rogan

 11Nov22 -‘Cold War Test Pilot’ by Ron Burrows

 14Oct22 -‘Empire Test Pilots School – Rotary Wing’ by Eric Fitzpatrick

09Sep22 -‘Test Pilot’ by Chris Taylor

08Jul22   -‘Wings Over Lee 1917 -2022' by Bob Wealthy

10Jun22  -‘The Gloster Meteor Development’ by Rod Dean

13May22 -‘Tarrant Rushton’ by Peter Scriven

08Apr22  -‘Volcanoes - How they have affected the World’ by Chris Marshall

11Mar22 - 'Aeralis – the Modular Jet' by Richard Eastment OBE FRAeS

11Feb22 - 'H.P.Folland, Folland Aircraft & the Gnat' by Glenn Gilbertson

14Jan22 - ‘The Magic That Was The Harrier’ by Chris Marshall

12Nov21 - ‘Transatlantic Betrayal’ by Andrew Porter

08Oct21 - 'Bloodhound The Missile' by Joe Marsden

10Sep21 -  ‘Gliding the Boeing 747’ by Eric Moody

 09Apr21 - 'The Aerospace Achievements of Harry Zeffert' by Philip Benstead via Zoom

13Nov20 - Postponed The Icelandic Volcano, why was Airspace closed’ by Graham Lake FRAeS

09Oct20 - Postponed ‘Bloodhound’ by Joe Marsden

11Sep20 - Postponed ‘Historic Army Aviation Flight’

10Jul20 - Via Zoom ‘Drones, Past ,Present and Future’ by Philip Benstead

12Jun20 - Postponed ‘The Meteor’ by Rod Dean

01May20- Postponed ‘The Magic That Was The Harrier’ by Chris Marshall

03Apr20 - Postponed ‘Gliding the Boeing 747’ by Eric Moody

13Mar20 - AGM followed by ‘ASTOR’ by Joe Marsden

14Feb20 - ‘Nevil Shute Norway’ by Stephen Robson

10Jan20 - ‘The Peoples Mosquito’ by Alan Pickford

08Nov19 - ‘So that others may live: Merlin by choice’ by Jeremy Graham FRAeS

11Oct19 -  ‘Giant's in the Sky’ - The WW1 Zeppelins by David Skillen

13Sep19 - ‘Flying the SR71’ by  Col Richard Graham USAF (Rtd)

12Jul19 - Merlins, Griffons and Spitfires by Kevin Patience

14Jun19 - ‘The Navy’s Role in the Battle of Britain’ by Kim Sharman

10May19 - ‘Westland Rotary Wing UAVs' by Jeremy Graham FRAeS

09Apr19 - ‘Air Safety & Wind Farms’ by Philip Benstead

08Mar19 - AGM plus a video by Lionel Fynn ‘Flight in a Shackleton and BBMF Lancaster’

08Feb19 - ‘Horseless Carriage to Helicopter via low earth orbit' by Dr Alisdair Wood

11Jan19 - Film ‘Secret Spitfires - the Directors Cut’ how Spitfires were made and the people who made                   them in the back streets and towns when the Supermarine factory lay in ruins.   

 09Nov18 - ‘Army Helicopters’ by Denzil Sharp

12Oct18 - ‘WW1 & WW2’ Submarine Operations by Commodore Chris Munns

14Sep18 - ‘Barnes Wallis - Airships to Astrophysics’ by Peter Rix

Short Intro to "The People's Mosquito"  by Alan Pickford

13Jul18 - The New Forest Airfields during WW2’ by Dr Henry Goodall of FONFA

08Jun18 - ‘Aircraft Noise - How it is managed’ by Graham Lake, FRAeS

11May18 - ‘Navigation and Sat Navs’ by Ernie Ball - a non technical explanation of  how it works.

13Apr18 -  ‘Forty years of flying’ by John Daniels

09Mar18 - AGM &‘The Stratos 714’ by Gordon Robinson

09Feb18 - ‘The Avro Shackleton’ by Andy Collins

12Jan18 -  ‘Triumphs and Tribulations’ by Stephen Bath of Bath Travel

10 Nov - ‘My Life as an Air Transport Pilot’ by Derek Oldham

03 Oct - ‘Concorde’ by Mike Marsden

08 Sep - ‘Controlling 911’ by Phil Holt

14 Jul - ‘Experimental Test Flying - Its Ups and Downs!!’ By Rod Sears

09 Jun - ‘The Wessex Aircraft Industry” by Mike Phipp

12 May - ‘Fleet Air Arm Sea Vixen pilot’ by Kim Sharman

07 Apr- Half a century of military flying - Bernie Scott

10 Mar - AGM and  Charles Rolls and Britain’s First International Aviation Meeting

10 Feb - "Flying and Displaying Vintage Jet Aircraft."By Rod Dean

13th Jan 2017 - ‘Whittle and the Jet Engine’ by Stephen Robson

11th November  ‘The Cowboy, the Revolutionary and the Novelist - three unsung aviation pioneers" by Graham Spiller

14th October  ‘Working on HM Submarines’ by Ray Jones

9th September  - ‘Lawrence - Before and after Arabia’ by Colin van Geffen

8th July ‘Poole and its Flying Boats’ by Mike Phipp

10th June ‘Nimrod MRA4’ by Andrew Collins

13th May ‘Flying the 747’ by Kim Sharman

8th April ‘ Flying and Displaying Vintage Aircraft’ by Rod Dean

11th March - AGM followed by ‘The Sopwith Bat boat ‘ by Bob Wealthy

12th February  - An Airborne View by Ian Haskell

8th January ‘Battle of Britain - 1935’by Steve Robson

13th November ‘The Canberra’ by Phil Nelson

9th OctoberPortsmouth Aviation Aerocar’ by Bob Wealthy

11th September ‘Spitfire Mk26b - Build and Fly’ by Martin Laking  

10th July  'Air to Air Refuelling in the South Atlantic War includingthe Vulcan Bombing Raid on the Falklands'  - by Barry Neal

12th JuneBuccaneerby John Myers  

8th May  “55 years of Flying Fun” by Clive Rustin

10th April  “100 years of Air Accident Investigation” by Peter Coombs

13Mar15  AGM followed by ‘Hampshire and IofW Air Ambulance’ by Ian Jeffery  

 13Feb15  ‘London’s Second Airport - Blackbushe’ by David Ruffle  

 09 Jan15 ‘Britain’s Last Airliner - BAe146’ by Stephen Robson  

 14Nov14 - ‘Palmair - Bournemouth’s Airline’ by Mike Phipp

  10Oct14 -  ‘The Ordnance Survey Flying Unit’ by Paul Marshall

12Sep14 - ‘Early testing of the F35B - LightningII’ by Graham Tomlinson, former BAe Test Pilot

11Jul14 - ‘Mixed bag and Quiz’ by Steve Robson

13Jun14 - ‘Flying the Lightning’ by John Ward, a former Air Defence pilot

09May14 -  ‘Paragliding - the ups and downs’ by Neil McCain, Wessex Hangliding and Paragliding Club

11Apr14 - ‘Flying with the Red Arrows’ by John Myers a former ‘Red3’ and ‘Red9’ in the Red Arrows

14Mar14 - AGM and 'The UK Nuclear Test Programme' by Tom Kelly

14Feb14 -  'Aerial Surveillance - Part 2' by Phil Nelson

10Jan14 - ‘Enigma and its coding’ by Alan Watson

8Nov13 - 'The Supersonic Adventure' by Colin Hobbs

11Oct13 - 'Hurricanes to Murmansk' by Air Cdre Philip Wilkinson, CVO, FRAeS, RAF (Rtd)

13Sep13 - 'The Falklands War - a very personal view' by Dave Morgan DSC

12Jul13 - 'Hunter One' by Mike Phipp

14Jun13 - 'Out of Control' by Mark Davenport

10May13 - 'An Aviation Interest' by Mike Symes NFAG member

12Apr13 - "Where Highwaymen Rode", by Colin Hobbs  history and future of Heathrow Airport,

08Mar13 - "Britten Norman Islander" by Bob Wealthy.

                See Links for Britten-Norman Aircraft Preservation Society

08Feb13 - "Aerial Surveillance - how does it affect the price of fish?" - by Phil Nelson

11Jan13 - "Hunt the Königsberg" - by Kevin Patience (RNAS against the

         German Navy in East Africa - the true story behind the film "Shout at the Devil")

Meetings take place at Lyndhurst Community Centre 2nd Friday of the month (not August or December) at  7pm for 7.30pm
Visitors - £5 including light refreshments


Friday 12th July

C-7A Caribou & 457th Tactical Airlift Sqdn - Vietnam

by Jack Froelich

Friday 13th September

D-Day Dakota by Graham Spiller

Friday 11th October

Recovery of a Fairey Barracude from the Solent

Friday 8th November

‘To the ‘Gulf’ war as an F16 pilot’ by Ed Smith

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